Friendly, knowledgeable and approachable people create extraordinary working relationships between the office and the factory floor. We take plans and transform them into  reality.

The end product goes out of our factory only when it has been through a skilled quality control process.

Under the influence of Nick and Rob, Danum Windows have been meticulously shaping our team. Made up of enthusiastic and skilled individuals, our diversity and expertise are matched by our desire to make a difference in our industry. We believe our team say as much about us, as the work that we deliver. It's only when we put people and relationships first, that we can deliver the customer satisfaction we are renowned for. Our aim is to allow employees to grow to their full potential. At the same time we are hands on and are constantly questioning to improve our end results.

Rob and Nick have under their management worked hard to set Danum Windows apart in many ways by offering superior products and by providing excellent service. None of this would be possible without one important ingredient: the right people. Supporting our office structure we have a team of in house experienced fitters who also work for our organisation. In addition we have strong reliable sub contract teams of fitters that work with Danum Windows to our fit and installation guidelines.